Sabai Sabai Traditional Thai Therapy
Sabai Sabai Traditional Thai Therapy

Gua sha Massage

Gua sha is a simple and effective ancient massage, a hands-on technique that has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries, especially in China, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Combodia, India, Indonesia, Brunei and more. Gua sha massage helps balance the four elements in the body;  earth, wind (air), fire and water.  Gua sha massage is used to eleminate body toxins, it stimulates and promotes the circulation of blood and lymph to improve efficiency. You are probably familiar with the build up of lactic acid in muscles which, as a toxin, causes pain. There are many other toxins which build up in fatty tissue and muscle in areas of poor circulation or damage. These lead to chronic aches and pains, both at rest and when moving. Gua sha releases them from stagnation, back into the body's circulation where the liver and kidneys can break them down naturally. 

        The technique is painless, but it is definitely not pretty. Petechiae caused by Gua Sha are small dots which are blood cells that have been pressed out of capillaries. Although this looks like road rash, the skin surface is completely intact and there is no bleeding associated with the technique. 

The petechiae are usually bright red for relatively acute problems, purple or black appears in area of chronic pain or injury. This is because the blood has been stagnant for an extended period.The petechiae fade quickly following treatment, however, in individuals with sluggish circulation, or in cases of long-standing pain, the petechiae may take nearly a week to fade completely.

         The treated area often feels tender following Gua sha but result in immediate relief of pain and improvement in range of motion. 

         Gua sha maybe useful for many conditions such as fever, cough, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, mastitis, gastritis, musculoskeletal problems, painful neck and back, and migraine.


The benefits of Gua sha

1. Increase in local circulation

2. Reduced inflammatory symptoms in chronic illness

3. Immunity stimulation

4. Pain relief

5. Helps to detoxify your body

6. Removes lymph fluid from the body, toxic heat and stagnant blood.


Message from the client in the video - the treatment was not pleasant but totally painless. Pressure was applied evenly to my whole back - bruising only appeared in areas where there were underlying issues. For days after I felt invigorated and brighter. It took about five days for all marks to disappear - this was a small price to pay for the benefits.



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